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UNICORN Tampons, Organic Plant-Based Compact Applicator Regular Cotton Tampons (60 Count, Pack of 1)

Unicorn Organic Tampons

Our magical organic cotton tampons are a true marvel, crafted with a 100% certified organic cotton core that's free of dyes and fragrance. Experience the wonder of superior absorbency as our tampons expand widthwise, providing unmatched leak protection and comfort throughout your mystical journey. With our plant-based compact applicators, insertion becomes a breeze, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the enchantment of life. Our tampons are designed for all women, embracing the uniqueness of each individual and empowering everyone to flourish with dignity.

UNICORN Pads, Organic Plant-Based Cotton Covered Ultra Thin Pads with Wings (40 Count, Pack of 1)

Unicorn Organic Pads

Featuring a 100% certified organic cotton top sheet that's free of dyes and fragrance, our pads offer an extraordinary experience. Our pads provide superior leak protection and comfort, letting you embark on your enchanting adventures worry-free. With our whimsical wings, added security becomes a delightful companion, keeping you feeling comfortable and secure throughout the day. Gentle on sensitive skin, our organic cotton top sheet provides a nurturing touch, making your experience truly skin-friendly and delightful.

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