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Co-CEO & Unicorn Visionary

Magical executive with an extensive background in the enchanted world of consumer products. Her fairy tale career included a proven track record of success across multiple channels of trade, from the mystical grocery stores and clubs to the enchanted drugstores, c-stores, mass merchandisers, and even the fairy tale foodservice industry. Magical abilities and extensive expertise in the land of sales, a true unicorn among sales executives. Uses powers for good, bringing magic and wonder to the world of consumer products, and helping businesses achieve their wildest dreams. This Unicorn Visionary lives happily ever after, spreading her sparkly period magic far and wide.


Specialties: Spellbinding Sales, distribution sorceress, supply chain magician, operations wizard and brand building unicorn

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Co-CEO & Unicorn Luminary

Enchanting retail alchemist and UNICORN luminary with a sparkling track record of transforming large-scale businesses into thriving, profitable ventures, and uncovering hidden opportunities within visionary brands. Armed with a mystical blend of sharp business intuition and an unwavering focus on customer enchantment, I excel at guiding period care innovation and creating magical experiences for our users. My spellbinding expertise spans brand development, strategy, launching bewitching businesses, omni-channel merchandising, marketing, international expansion, and operations. Renowned as a passionate and strategic leader, I’m known for cultivating powerful relationships and conjuring high-performing teams that excel in the realm of period care.


Specialties: Master of merchandising magic, analytical enchantress, strategic sorceress, leadership luminary, relationship-weaving wizard, and action-oriented alchemist.

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Co-COO & Unicorn Sorceress

Presenting a mesmerizing retail maestro who conjures the magic of soaring sales and bountiful business growth! As Co-COO of the fantastical UNICORN brand, I am a sales enchantress, skillfully wielding my wand to create infinite opportunities and spellbinding connections.

My mystical sales talents have shaped the realms of brand development and strategy, unveiled new ventures, woven omni-channel merchandising spells, conjured captivating marketing, and expanded our wondrous kingdom across the globe. My passion for harmonious relationships is rivaled only by the strength of a unicorn's gallop, as I lead and inspire high-performing teams to achieve the extraordinary.

Specialties: Sales sorcery, mystical merchandising, strategic spells, relationship enchantments, leadership elixirs, and an action-oriented spirit to conjure the unimaginable. Together, let's spread the magic of the UNICORN brand and ascend to dazzling heights!

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Co-COO & Unicorn Virtuoso

Behold, a vigilant guardian of health and safety, imbued with the power to transform the UNICORN brand into a sanctuary of well-being and enchantment! As Co-COO, I am a health impact and safety wizard, devoted to ensuring that our magical realm is as secure as it is delightful.

My arcane knowledge of health impact and safety has guided the evolution of brand development and strategy, the emergence of new ventures, the casting of omni-channel merchandising charms, mesmerizing marketing, and the blossoming of our enchanting kingdom far and wide. My passion for nurturing connections and empowering teams is as unwavering as a unicorn's loyalty.

Specialties: Health impact incantations, safety spells, strategic sorcery, relationship elixirs, leadership charms, and an action-oriented spirit to protect and strengthen our magical realm. Together, let's spread the magic of the UNICORN brand and ensure the well-being of all who dwell within!

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