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Welcome to UNICORN

Wherever there's toilet paper, there will be period products.

Introducing UNICORN, the enchanting period product company revolutionizing the industry with our magical, innovative solutions. Our one-of-a-kind dispensers, designed for every stall in businesses, offer unparalleled dignity and convenience. Our sleek, easy-to-install acrylic dispensers showcase our delightful unicorn mascot cartridges, elevating the experience. Scan our captivating QR codes for spellbinding unicorn-themed entertainment, turning a routine moment into pure magic. Trusted by giants across the land, UNICORN is transforming the world of period products with whimsy and innovation, making magic a standard business amenity.

And, by the way, we're organic!

Unicorn Cartridge Dispeners filled with Unicorn Tampons and Unicorn Pads

Magical Dispensers

Enchanted Convenience, Elegant Innovation

Behold the enchanting UNICORN dispensers, where practicality meets spellbinding beauty. Crafted with a sleek acrylic design, our dispensers effortlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Marvel at the ease of installation, magically securing them in mere seconds. Adorned with our delightful unicorn mascot on elegant cartridges, these captivating dispensers transform ordinary facilities into a realm of comfort and enchantment. UNICORN dispensers are the epitome of charm and efficiency, bringing a touch of magic to the world of period products.

Whimsical QR Codes

Discover a World of Unicorn Magic

Discover the allure of UNICORN's enchanting QR codes, unlocking a treasure trove of curated unicorn-themed content. With every scan, embark on a magical journey filled with mesmerizing music videos, fascinating facts, whimsical riddles, captivating haikus, and more! We've harnessed the power of QR codes to transform challenging moments into extraordinary experiences, offering a delightful escape during a typically difficult time. UNICORN's QR codes are the gateway to a world of wonder, infusing the period product landscape with enchantment and joy.

A Quest to End Period Poverty

A Magical Journey Awaits

Imagine a realm where period products grace every stall, just like toilet paper, bestowing dignity upon all. UNICORN seeks to transform the way businesses perceive period products, inspiring them to embrace these essentials as a janitorial expense. We advocate for a magical shift in mindset, striving to vanquish period poverty and empower everyone to flourish. UNICORN champions this enchanting vision, partnering with visionary businesses to provide period products in every stall, creating a world that sparkles with comfort and care. Let us conjure a future filled with period enchantment, where all can thrive with dignity.

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